Items For Sale:



1)   Department of New Hampshire Annual Encampment Ribbons

a.    124th SUVCW

b.    98th ASUVCW

                                              i.     April 22, 2006; Hooksett, NH

                                             ii.     Priced at: $1 each (1/10th ounce shipping weight)


2)   National SUVCW 124th Annual Encampment Ribbons

a.    Stephen A. Michaels, Commander-in-Chief

b.    August 3-7, 2005; Nashua, NH

                                              i.     Priced at $3 each (1/10th ounce shipping weight)


3)   2005 National Encampment, Nashua, NH Badges

a.    Allied Orders of the Grand Army of the Republic

                                              i.     SUVCW, ASUVCW & Ladies of the GAR

b.    Image of the “Old Man of the Mountain” with clasp pin and red, white and blue ribbon

                                              i.     Priced at $5 each (1 ounce shipping weight)



NOTE: Shipping and handling= 60 cents per ounce


Send questions and purchase requests to:


Peter Whelpton

27 Jolly Farm Rd.

PO Box 534

Sutton NH 03273